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The New York based design company was Founded by Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson in 2012. They have sensational showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, and Milan. Together they are an unbeatable team crafting inspired designs, objects, and spaces. Now let’s explore some incredible interiors with their brilliant light fixtures.

First up is a gorgeous, light, and bright kitchen. The light fixture creates a beautiful focal point and draws your eye from the marble kitchen, through the breakfast nook, and toward that stunning full wall window. I love the sculptural element this light fixture has. The three different sides create a visually engaging design with a focus on balance.

Next up is a drool-worthy dining room. In this interior, the light fixture creates an enviable focal point that draws your eye down the wall and to that incredible modern dining room. The bubble effect of the light also adds a sense of whimsey and playfulness to this chic room. Can you imagine having your morning coffee here?

For the next interior, we have a stunning dark bedroom scene. There is something about black/grey walls that just demand attention. In this space, the pendant light adds the perfect modern flair to this otherwise simple interior. I’ve got to say this light is the finishing touch to the color palette in this room.

Lastly, we have a lovely classic and muted room. In this space, the light fixtures really are the centerpiece. They frame this entryway perfectly and add just enough texture, design, and style.

I hope you loved exploring this lighting company.

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