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Bathroom Progress | Makeover in a Month

I’m back to share a quick progress report on our bathroom makeover! As you might have seen last week, we started on a “makeover in a month” here in our basement bathroom. We are already half way through the month so we’ll definitely be hustling here in the second half to get this room pulled together, that’s for sure!

We were a week behind at the start of the month, so this is really a bathroom makeover in three weeks! The goal is to make it feel more like it belongs in our house, with a fresher cleaner more coastal vibe.

Disclaimer: since this is a “real time” makeover, these are progress photos taken at dusk with all our lights on, so stick with me to get the vision here! 🙂

This past week my husband painted the walls and Courtney put our first coat of paint on the vanity. I just supervised LOL! The walls were kind of a dingy white, we didn’t paint them when we moved in, so a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White made the space feel so clean! This also gives us a blank slate for the stenciled design, which should give the space a fun updated look.

Bathroom Progress | Makeover in a Month

The vanity wasn’t my style at all, but my hope was to take it from what it was to maybe more of an old painted cabinet turned vanity. I can already tell that Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in the color Bergere is giving this piece a new lease on life! We are not replacing the granite right now, so instead we pulled hues like the vanity color, the wall color and the new faucet colors out of the stone to tie the room together.

Bathroom Progress | Makeover in a Month

I already love the vanity so much more, even though we haven’t even completed the paint or put on the hardware. Once we add the charming new faucets and all the finishing touches like the adorable lights, I think it’s going to be cute!

Who would have thought?

If you can’t remember what the vanity looked like before?

Behold how this bathroom looked just a few days ago…

Bathroom Progress | Makeover in a Month

And here’s another look below at where we are right now! Next steps are to paint the stencil, finish the vanity, switch out the faucets, hang the new lights, towel rods and mirrors, and accessories!

Next Friday we’ll be back with another progress report. (We’ll also share more down the road about painting the vanity!)

Bathroom Progress | Makeover in a Month

A reminder of our mood board:

Bathroom Progress | Makeover in a Month


  1. Comb Art Print
  2. Wall Lights
  3. Paint Stencil
  4. Round Brass Mirror
  5. Planter
  6. Milk Paint
  7. Bath Faucet
  8. Bath Towel
  9. Laundry Hamper
  10. Wood Dip Dyed Stool
  11. Bathroom Hardware

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