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Your home should be a reflection of who you are—all of your habits, routines and quirks. So make sure that your home reflects the importance of getting a good night’s rest. Our senior designers have these bedroom design tips for a better night’s sleep.


Bright lights are great for stimulating your focus and staying alert. But as it gets closer to bedtime, your lighting should gradually darken, until it’s lights out. To give yourself some flexibility on lighting in your home, install dimmers, so that you can end the day with a somber, moodier atmosphere.

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Trying to sleep in a room with bright, glaring colors is like trying to get a good night’s sleep with a bright light on. If you’re considering ways to improve your sleep patterns, consider giving your bedroom a new paint job. Soothing neutrals—such as grey, blue and white—are the perfect backdrop for a restful night’s sleep.

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We spend enough of our lives in front of screens. So when it comes to electronic devices, it’s best to turn them off. One electronic device that we often see in bedrooms is the television. While it can be nice to nod off while watching some reruns, watching television right before bed can inhibit restful sleep. Keep you television in the living room, or behind closed doors in the bedroom. You might not catch up on your favorite shows, but at least you’ll catch some restful z’s.

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A hectic and disorganized bedroom can make it hard to fall asleep. To give your sleep quarters some natural harmony, try to add some symmetry to the space. Place your bed so that you can get out on either side, and frame it with matching bedside tables. Check out how we got the look with a canopy bed frame in this Central Park penthouse. 

Window Treatments

If rising with the sun seems ridiculous to you—and it should—then consider some new window treatments. Blackout curtains are ideal for savoring those extra minutes of sleep, and will help you catch some meaningful shuteye on the weekends.

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Clutter is the antithesis of good design. And it also happens to create a lot of distractions when you’re trying to get some rest. Consider adding some extra storage: it’ll keep clutter out of your way and out of your dreams.

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Restraint is an important principle when it comes to sourcing furniture and designing spaces. But when it comes to bedding, the sky is the limit. Go nuts. Whether it’s an extra half-dozen pillows or a second duvet, do whatever it takes to make your bed comfortable.

Noisy neighbors? Noisy children? If others tend to wake you up, then consider adding some area rugs or carpeting to your room. Place one large area rug around your bed, so that you can rest easy at night, and so that you can start your day on a plush surface. Check out how we got the look in this Miami Beach luxury condo.

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