OK….we have discussed the office for my One Room Challenge…..let’s move to the other room I added on….the dining room.

I will show you the way way before…

Yup this was quite a while back…..notice the chairs and table because they don’t change

About 4 years ago when I did her family room for the One Room Challenge I actually had the dining room along with the living room painted.

Yup….it was a glaze that I did for her 20 years ago….don’t laugh because I am sure some time in your design journey you might have had this look also!

So then at least it was just white but still needed a lot of work.

I knew I wanted wallpaper but felt that floor to ceiling would be too much.  Adding some vertical shiplap was the answer.  To keep expenses down we used MDF.  That way we did not have to take down all of the window and door casings.

My sweet contractor gave me a day of labor and seriously that is all it took.  Plus he donated the goods.

Back to the wallpaper….which if you remember I started out selecting a brown grasscloth.   But then…I had an ah ha moment and decided what would Mark Sikes do????

Something pretty!

One of the sponsors Pacific Designs had this pretty paper which I thought would be perfect!



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