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I can guarantee you that I will never get over this ceiling. The dark wood and arched angles are what frame this room to feel cozy. Since the ceiling is so dark I knew I would need to keep this room light and bright to keep it from feeling claustrophobic. The white walls, light wood floors, and cream rug frame the space just as I imagined. As the room progressed I decided to add in an office space to maximize this room’s potential.

This room is inspired by a nautical/ocean theme. The couch/day bed is really what started it all. I found this gem and started collecting various items. From the artwork to the pillows, and other interior accessories this space feels exactly as imagined: comforting, explorative, and inspirational.

A closer view shows off the ocean artwork and the textural details. I love the relationship between the velvet, knit, metal, glass, and porcelain in this shot. I wish I could cozy up and read a book in this corner on the weekends.

The next view highlights the office space. I chose this gorgeous acrylic chair to keep the room feeling bright and spacious. The hunt for a cute small desk/table was long but this white bistro table fits the space perfectly. Another one of my favorite parts about this room is the small inlet shelf in the wall. I had a lot of fun finding the right items to highlight this space.

The last view shows off the large ocean piece I hunted far and wide for and the stunning deep wood doors that open to a balcony.

I hope you enjoyed exploring another room from the COCOCOZY Design House. 

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All photo by Melissa Gayle

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