pushhome.net – Cutting Boards and Kitchen Accessories

When we were designing the collection, our goal was to introduce new shapes, patterns, and silhouettes. We wanted to make beautiful products that were relatable and easy to use.  A strike of brilliance that came during one of our brainstorm calls was engraving my COCOCOZY logo and patterns onto the boards. I have over 60 copyrighted COCOCOZY patterns so I figured we should take advantage of that. Sometimes designs can be intimidating to the everyday person. My patterns are classic and will never go out of style.

Stacy Borocz and her team over at etúHOME are awesome, talented and make beautiful sustainable artisan crafted product made in Europe. Stacy has become a real friend through this process. The collection is the largest etúHOME has ever done: 8 total boards, demijohn glass bottles, domes, carved wooden toppers, and candles.

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