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Think of the foyer as the introduction to your home. It should be as well-crafted and curated as the rest of your space. So don’t let your entryway go unadorned. Our senior designers have these eight tips for upgrading your foyer.

You shouldn’t have to sidestep a junk pile on your way in and out the door. So before you repaint the walls, before you buy new pieces, and before you purchase new artwork, make sure that you declutter. In this Upper East Side apartment, decluttering was key to making this dark and narrow entryway feel chic.

A Place to Sit
On your way in and out the door, it’s nice to have a place to sit. Whether you want to kick off your shoes or just take a breather, a bench can be a great addition to your foyer. Check out the reclaimed wood bench that we placed in the entryway of this dynamic Westchester house.

New wallpaper
For a purely decorative addition to your foyer, consider some new wallpaper. Foyers tend to be a bit dark and cramped, so consider a high-sheen and reflective option. We placed a geometric gold wallpaper in this foyer, for an opulent entrance to this luxurious apartment.

Decorative Objects
We love decorative objects anywhere in the home, but they’re particularly great for the foyer. Pick some geometric decorative pieces, like we did for this personalized luxury condo on the Upper East Side.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Before you walk out the door, it’s always a good idea to give yourself a quick look-over. Place a mirror in your foyer, and you’ll never walk out the door with toothpaste stains again.

Pro tip: mirrors make small spaces feel more expansive. So if your foyer is a bit cramped, a mirror is a great piece of decor.

When dressing up your entryway, it’s important to source low-profile decorations that have a maximal impact, which makes artwork the perfect option for your foyer. In this Upper West Side family home, we selected a collection of black-and-white graphic prints. And when placing art in the foyer of your home, use the same principles that you would elsewhere. So if you’re creating a gallery wall, start with the largest piece in the center, and work your way outwards.

Area Rug
The entryway to your home should be comfortable and soothing. An area rug is a great way to accomplish this. But if you’re placing an area rug in the entryway, make sure that you select a durable, high pile option. Check out the one that we placed in this Stamford, Connecticut home. It’s a comfortable and easy-to-clean option that’s also the perfect entry for this family home.

Turn Your Foyer into a Home Office
If you want to make your entryway ultra-functional, then consider turning it into a mini home office. Forgo the presidential-sized wood desk and go for something slim and compact. In this Hoboken family home, we tucked two backless chairs under a slim console table, for a sleek and compact home office.

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