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An Annapolis museum honors the Chesapeake Bay’s maritime heritage

A new, state-of-the-art gallery heralded the April 24th reopening of the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park, which closed its doors in December 2019 for extensive renovations. Now housing three interactive exhibits, the reimagined museum aims to engage visitors and inspire environmental stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay and its surroundings. In Bay Health, an aquarium  compares the quality of the bay’s waters now and in the pristine era before human contact, while an interactive journal explains the local watershed; Oyster Industry reveals oyster-harvesting methods while sharing the heritage and personal stories of the trade via a holographic waterman; and Annapolis Waters invites visitors to virtually join a boat race mid-stream, spend time on an oyster boat or kayak across the bay. Says AMM president Alice Estrada, “There’s nothing more stimulating than a great exhibition. Our new exhibits not only provide high-tech learning experiences but also deliver on the wonderful art of storytelling.” For more information, visit amaritime.org.

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