pushhome.net – New Entry Console Cabinet (+ the hack that saved me $1500!)

Hiii! Kylee here today. This week I’ve been cozying up my entry space. I have some art on the way and am considering eventually painting the walls and doors. I will share more of this space with you soon, but for now I wanted to show you my new cabinet! My original plan for this wall involved a bench, but I underestimated how long the wall was so the bench I had just looked small. So, I began hunting for something more substantial, preferably with storage.

In my hunt for the perfect entry piece, I had my eye on several similar black pieces that I loved (I’ll do another post sharing some of my favorites soon!). The only thing was that to get one as long as I wanted it was going to cost at least a couple grand, which I was (begrudgingly) prepared to do.

New Entry Console Cabinet (+ the hack that saved me $1500!)

During my search, I stumbled upon this cabinet that had the vibe I was going for, but it just wasn’t long enough. Suddenly I had a realization!

New Entry Console Cabinet (+ the hack that saved me $1500!)

I could double them up! Buying two of these cabinets and pushing them together cost me less than $500 (1/4 the cost of similar pieces I was about to buy!). Plus, if I ever get tired of it I have two smaller pieces I can use in a different way. They also come in white, natural, and brown so they’d fit in with any style. It actually comes in a 3-door version as well that would be perfect for a tv or for a smaller space.

This is the piece I was originally leaning toward and it looks SO similar. Of course, the arches are cute, but not worth $1500 to me 🙂 Moral of the story: think outside the box!

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