pushhome.net – ONE ROOM CHALLENGE SPRING 2019 WEEK 2

Cue the DJ cause we are about to get this party started! 

Remember when I told you I was going to Highpoint….well that is where I am….trying to put together this weeks One Room Challenge post  

Here’s the good thing…. this week is where I explain my inspiration and I have thought long and hard about these spaces….no I mean LONG AND HARD.

I think most of you were sure I would do black and white and I gotta tell you I was on the cusp….the very edge….of going that way and then I had a moment….I wanted you guys to be surprised with my room….I did not want to be predictable:)

So….drum roll…..guess what?

I am going beige and blue…..a la Mark Sikes!

Texture…for days!

Lot’s of stripes…..

Vertical shiplap….

Camel….and white….


Sprinkled with…..


So…OK….here’s what is happening so far.

Floor plans….the above is a NO.

I don’t particularly like to walk into the back of a sofa if I can help it!


This one is my fav.  This room really will not be used so it’s just for looks…and it may not look like there is much seating but I will try to sprinkle a few stools around…..

I think this is a plan…..

The office got cleaned out…… and new seagrass was put down.  The old stuff had been there a very long time!

It’s a concrete floor so it’s glued down.  I need to figure out something for this space pronto!

The dining room is getting some love also….

Vertical shiplap and brown grasscloth. 

New fabric on the chair seats….

So….here are the boards I put together with some of the sponsored product, some stuff I have bought and some stuff I need! 

I still have no rug for the DR but I would like to use something like the above….

And the LR has the most love so far….which I will explain in full detail next Wednesday…..gotta keep you coming back for more right:)

I did find these….

Left over from my house when I took them down….so since she is my baby sister she is getting my hand me downs:)  Still…..

And this box of blue vases!

Yeah…they were in my basement….haha.

Are you surprised?  It’s not black and white?

Yeah….you think you got my number but….NOT!

OK kids….that’s it for this week.

Go check out everyone else!


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