pushhome.net – The Power of an Arch

First up is an absolutely stunning exterior archway that makes me crave a vacation. I love how the light pink/beige exterior contrasts with the light teal door and the yellow of the lemon tree. Everything about this exterior just evokes a sense of travel, art, and relaxation. And those double doors? They are a key focal point that only highlights the power of an arch.

Next up is a more unusual use of an arch: an arched wardrobe. This room has a beautiful color palette between the neutrals and muted green but the wardrobe is really what brings this space to life and adds a flair of design. A neutral lover’s dream this room is anything but boring but still can be appreciated by minimalists. Now I just need to know where to find a piece like this.

Now, this exterior corridor hallway is really something else. The multiple arches in a row create drama without it being overwhelming. I do have to say, the vines are what really bring these white arches to life. Can you just imagine being on vacation and going on a walk down this hallway!

Last up we have a very unique interior use of an arch. This kitchen meets dining room is absolutely dreamy. The glass paneling and black accents create a spectacular focal point that keeps this contemporary and modern space interesting. It immediately pulls your eye forward then lets you explore the place slowing savoring each corner.

I hope you enjoyed exploring different powerful uses of an arch. 

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