pushhome.net – Up Close with Melissa Broffman

Meet Melissa

Name an heirloom you’d never part with and why.
A still life painted by my grandmother. Her creativity inspired my love of art and design.

I live in…
A cozy and welcoming 1939 Cape Cod that has been countlessly reworked. I love the fact that we’ll never need to downsize!

I obsess over…
Fresh flowers beautiful, fragrant and always the star of any room.

My design pet peeve is…
Too many accessories. Keep it simple, curate carefully and let a few things shine.

What is your favorite color combination and why?
Blue and white— it’s simple, elegant and timeless.

Favorite go-to dish to cook at home?
Tomato sauce with turkey mango meatballs. Both savory and sweet and always in demand!


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