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Thanks for all the feedback on my recent install….and I know the most asked question is about the carpet.  Well….I wish I could give you the information.  Unfortunately they code the info on the back of the sample so I can’t “shop” them….

The best thing you can do is go to a place where they sell carpet and show them the picture.  I am sure you can find the same goods.  It is 100% polyester.

I think someone wanted to know the color of the walls….BM Seapearl.  And the small table is from Currey and Co.  The upholstered furniture is from Charles Stewart and all covered in performance fabric.  The credenzas are from Universal Furniture.

Here I am again trying to crank out a post before I have to leave and walk “queenie”.  If I was a better blogger I would do my post at night but hey…..my train of thought is crappy after working all day.

So we will keep it short and tight this AM…..

I have some pictures of window treatments that were installed at my project yesterday.  They haven’t closed yet but it will be nice to have privacy on their first night in their new house….

This house is actually in my neighborhood and is another home built by Ladisic Fine Homes.  The architect was Linda MacArthur. 

This is the large window in the master bathroom….but definitely needed some privacy.

And this is the master bedroom

Here is the outside view!

I chose a sheer and we doubled it for privacy…..

This shot was actually taken before they were dressed…..

In the master we are doing a double curtain.  Sheers for the daytime and then blackout for night!

This install took all of 5 hours…..with steaming and dressing them……

The rods are french returns which means they don’t have finials and just return into the wall.


Since the homes are close in my neighborhood you need some privacy even during the day!

Into the foyer….

Again…..this will block the view of the house next door but still let in light!

These hadn’t been steamed yet….but you get the picture:)



Happy Halloween!  Some of my best childhood memories are Halloween.  I grew up in Myers Park, Charlotte and my Mom would dress up and decorate our garage like a haunted house and all the neighborhood kids would go through it that night!  This was back when you didn’t buy costumes!   My Mom actually made every holiday a production…..long before it was “trendy”….

So long kids….



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